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The Pithan House project

Dreis-Tiefenbach is a village in the municipality Netphen in the administrative district Siegen-Wittgenstein (Northrine-Westphalia). The earliest document mentioning a settlement of the village was dated of the year 1239.
(Original settlements of the village: Dreisbach, Wernsbach & Tiefenbach [-bach = creek])

The cultural region is mainly characterised by farming & wood economy as well as by ore mining and the steel industry.

Alteration of the yard  

After a new parapet was constructed for the well in October 2005, there was only little space left for placing tables and benches for our open air events.

During the first BBQ event in the yard of Haus Pithan we would have needed seats for about 50 people, but already at that time we only had 32 places available.

Therefore we started to think about an alteration of the yard for the year 2006.

Thus we would be able to finally seat at least 48 people in our yard.

This would mean a work of:
1.) 20...23 m³ excavation,
2.) 48 m² plaster


postal address:

Heimatverein Alte Burg
 c/o Andreas Völkel
 Postfach 2102
 57241 Netphen