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The Pithan House project

Dreis-Tiefenbach is a village in the municipality Netphen in the administrative district Siegen-Wittgenstein (Northrine-Westphalia). The earliest document mentioning a settlement of the village was dated of the year 1239.
(Original settlements of the village: Dreisbach, Wernsbach & Tiefenbach [-bach = creek])

The cultural region is mainly characterised by farming & wood economy as well as by ore mining and the steel industry.


Since centuries Dreis-Tiefenbach is mainly characterised by ore mining and the steel industry. We owe a good part of our today's prosperity to the brave proficiency and practical strength of our ancestors.

Over 400 years the historic "Dreisbacher Hammer" (Dreisbach Water Hammer) was run in the near of the Pithan House, in later decades also an ironworks spot. Workers of the Dreisbacher Hammer have lived in the Pithan House.
It seems to be a good idea to install a historic home documentation centre in this building with a documentation that will be unique in our district (Siegerland = Siegen district):

„From old furnaces to blast furnaces -
2500 Years of Iron Production in the Siegen district”.

  Especially the historic development of the Siegen district's iron production practice over two and a half thousand years shall be presented comprehensively and systematically on poster boards. A significant part of that development has taken place also in Dreis-Tiefenbach.  

  On top of that exhibition, the Pithan House shall be used for other cultural events. These can be: exhibitions of local artists, artisans, handicraft enthusiasts or collectors, which are well available in our village, but have not yet been visible to the public.
The rooms may also be used for smaller community meetings, like Sunday brunch events.
The renovation of the Pithan House would guarantee that this piece of jewelry of the last closed group of historic houses in our village is conserved, after the old road trees had been cut and whole groups of historic buildings had been torn off for the sake of a broader interstate road (B62) in the 1970'ies.


The home club Alte Burg [= old castle] also wants to store their belongings here (u.a. Easter Fountain, flower pots, Christmas Star, picture archive). We have - during the year 2002 - started a lot of preparating activities for this project, executing a decision of the yearly members meeting:
Besides negotiations with the owner, we had received confimation for the possibility to list the building in the monument registry.
The static conditions have been checked several times, the building was measured & architectural drawings were done. Also the future usage options had been sketched, and necessary renovation efforts estimated.
Then we sent out several requests for public funding of our project, which showed a realistic potential to be considered positively.
However - as usual with such projects - there are considerable efforts left to the members: collecting additional money as well as personal handicraft support, which even the members alone will not be able to fulfill.

As - like described above - the realisation of a historic home documentation centre is in the interest of the majority of the inhabitants of the village (like our community events and the expansion of the sports- and community centre), it is planned to found a Pithan House Sponsoring Club. (This happened on June 2nd 2003)
The target is that the members shall not only mentally support the project besides a small membership fee, but also - according to their personal practical strengths - help to realise by responsible support.
Besides this target they might as well bring the ore/steel tradition of our village further into life, e.g. by research of historic places and installation of memorial sign posts.

So all Dreis-Tiefenbachers are urged to join us in our intention to remember old traditions, as well as extending this knowledge into the future.

If you want to have more information or want to lend a helping hand,
we expect you contacting us by phone or in writing.

Dr. med. Hansjörg Sieberg


postal address:

Heimatverein Alte Burg
 c/o Andreas Völkel
 Postfach 2102
 57241 Netphen