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The Pithan House project

Dreis-Tiefenbach is a village in the municipality Netphen in the administrative district Siegen-Wittgenstein (Northrine-Westphalia). The earliest document mentioning a settlement of the village was dated of the year 1239.
(Original settlements of the village: Dreisbach, Wernsbach & Tiefenbach [-bach = creek])

The cultural region is mainly characterised by farming & wood economy as well as by ore mining and the steel industry.
The House - how it all started
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  February 2002  Presentation of the Project & Commitment for the preparative budget at the annual general assembly.
  During the year 2002 Surveying, examination of the construction level, assessment of monument protection & sponsoring options, cost estimation. Application for public funding.
  February 2003 Commitment on continuation of activities until purchase of the House.
  April/June 2003 Received positive notification on public funding.
  June 2003 Founding of the sponsoring club
"Förderverein Haus Pithan Dreis-Tiefenbach e.V."
  June 28th, 2003 Final Decision on purchase of the House during an extraordinary general assembly.
  August 2003 Purchase of the House by the home club
"Heimatverein Alte Burg Dreis-Tiefenbach e.V."
  November 2003 Received the official confirmation that the House is under monumental protection from the municipality Netphen.
  Since September 2003 → Renovation work ... | ... → recent images
  October 24th, 2004 → Open House (during renovation phase)
  June 26th, 2005 Presentation of the partly renovated House (at the Village Community Festivity 2005)
  August 20th, 2006 → 2nd Open House (by end of renovation phase)
  October 28th, 2006 Thanks to all Helpers
  Nov. 17th, 2006 Formal Opening Celebration with sponsors, pub. authorities & the press
  Nov. 26th, 2006 Public Presentation of the Exhibition (11:00-17:00)
(house will be regularly open from January 2007 onwards)



postal address:

Heimatverein Alte Burg
 c/o Andreas Völkel
 Postfach 2102
 57241 Netphen