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The Pithan House project

Dreis-Tiefenbach is a village in the municipality Netphen in the administrative district Siegen-Wittgenstein (Northrine-Westphalia). The earliest document mentioning a settlement of the village was dated of the year 1239.
(Original settlements of the village: Dreisbach, Wernsbach & Tiefenbach [-bach = creek])

The cultural region is mainly characterised by farming & wood economy as well as by ore mining and the steel industry.

The well  

In the backyard of the house there is a well sinked about 8 meters deep into the ground. The well shaft is completely lined with quarrystones. The former owners still had to fetch all the water from this well.

When we bought the house, the hole was covered by a concrete annulus, only leaving a small port, that was provisionally covered. Later the members of the home club installed a metal cover plate with a bracket, for the time being.

Beginning of Oct. 2005 a new wellhead was brought up, made of quarrystones.

In spring 2006 the original hand pump shall be mounted again, and an illumination for the well shaft will be installed (the installation pipes were already prepared).
Here you can see the architect's sketches that were used as plan for the well maker:


postal address:

Heimatverein Alte Burg
 c/o Andreas Völkel
 Postfach 2102
 57241 Netphen